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Leave these relationships in the past, and focus on friends and family who fully support your recovery. Finishing addiction treatment is an incredible accomplishment. However, it doesn’t mark the end of your recovery journey. In the years ahead, you must take some important steps to build and maintain a healthy, sober life. Individual psychotherapy sessions, you’ll learn that even friends and family members who are happy that you’ve become sober still may not fully support your new lifestyle. They’re just afraid you’ll push your get clean ways and lifestyle onto them. They realize your lives are going in entirely different directions with them on the opposing end of the spectrum.

rebuilding your life after addiction

The FHE Health team is committed to providing accurate information that adheres to the highest standards of writing. This is part of our ongoing commitment rebuilding your life after addiction to ensure FHE Health is trusted as a leader in mental health and addiction care. Rehab patients must also learn ways to raise their own self-esteem.

Healing Relationships

Living a healthy life helps improve organ health and get the body back on track. As addiction treatment will emphasize, diet and exercise are invaluable in recovery. The chances are that you weren’t in the best health while in the middle of addiction, but it probably felt amazing to have a wholesome and balanced meal once you got sober. However, therapies like group counseling help you to understand that your problems are not as uniquely yours as you thought they were. Many people have similar struggles and thought patterns. Individually and in tandem with others, you learn how to use healthy coping skills to deal with challenges as what they are; a part of life and not an attack against you.

  • After he went through detox and entered recovery, he had trouble sleeping without using drugs.
  • In the midst of addiction, it’s difficult to maintain a healthy diet.
  • Individuals that suffer from addiction tend to have poor judgment and impulse control.
  • Now you’re coming out of rehab and asking to pick up the broken threads of old relationships.

You are now entering into a new lifestyle that determinedly parts ways from drugs and alcohol. However, many factors in real life can make rebuilding your life debilitating and disorienting. Luckily, with time and patience to adjust, you can become a productive member of society. Drug addiction affects the immune system of the body and makes it weak. People who go through substance abuse problems are more likely to catch diseases than those who don’t. Focusing on nutrition and exercise can help improve the immune system and live a better life. Drug addiction can affect the physical health of a person very badly.

Make Changes in Your Life

Find a new hobby, volunteer at an animal shelter, study or do a course that will help you in your career. Do something that brings you joy and leads you further along the path that you want to follow in the future. Get plenty of rest and make time for stress-reducing, relaxing activities.

You should not expect an immediate change in attitude or perception from your loved ones. They may meet your efforts with hesitation or resistance, but you should stay hopeful that they will eventually come around with open arms. Despite these damaging behaviors, some close relationships may inadvertently promote addiction when trying to calm the situation.

Create a sober friendship network

You can try to apologize again once they’ve had more time to process the situation. Kindness and compassion to yourself and others is the key to healing ourselves and each other.

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