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These components are crucial for storing real-time and historical data. The layer consists of databases, data pipelines, and data warehouses that allow you to store or query all your new and old data. Popular data infrastructure includes Azure SQL, MongoDB, Talend, and Snowflake. It can be exhausting to go through all the necessary physical documents and forward them to the relevant stakeholders. With online systems, everyone has access to all pertinent information on the software.

Regardless of the type of fleet used, a Logistics Management System will help make coordination more straightforward. Additionally, it will allow you to take an integrated approach where you use several types of fleets together to achieve your business goals. Such a platform will allow data analysis and prediction for effective decision-making. Customers’ orders can be recorded into the system, and this information passed onto every relevant stakeholder.

custom logistics software

With the trends shifting logistics management in a progressive direction, the need for software solutions in the field has become indispensable. Businesses, whether focussing on e-commerce or delivering services, can benefit from having logistics management software. However, the real question is finding the right kind of logistics software since the requirements vary for each business. Take a look at the logistics software development services Rexsoft company offers. You’ll be impressed to see how much functionality we cater to our customers. The supply chain is improved, product movement is tracked, and business efficiency is improved with real-time warehouse and inventory management.

For example, they can increase scalable functionality as your business grows. Custom software is designed according to your needs and your specifications. Additionally, the development process can be iterative until the app suits your needs. If, after careful consideration, you decide https://globalcloudteam.com/ that you need a logistics system, you have two options. The former is a system that has already been developed, and your team members need only learn how to use it. A logistics system helps keep the business scalable while leaving room for the business to conduct its primary function.

We can enable you to provide vendors with specialized portals in order to stay ahead, in the industry and to meet the potential necessities. In the logistics industry, security is crucial, and you may integrate it with a safety strategy to ensure maximum security in your platform. These solutions provide capabilities such as worldwide watch list scanning, user identification, sex offender registry scanning, national criminal records scanning, and much more. Through an API, transportation companies can incorporate an identity/verification system into their proprietary software which includes criminal classification, screening status, etc.

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Our team can create a custom system that will help you increase sales, streamline operations, and cut costs. Logistics firms play an important part in the Foomotion team offer custom software development service to logistics and transportation companies of all sizes. Furthermore, our custom built logistics software and mobile applications can aids logistics businesses in increasing production, improving customer happiness, and lowering costs.

custom logistics software

Without logistics software management, Pfizer cannot become one of the world’s largest sterile injectables suppliers in 2021. Neither can they store, transport, and distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to multiple countries, maintaining ultra-low temperatures. Logistics management software guarantees more efficiency and control over the logistical and supply chain operations of a business. It means simply substituting the existing manual methods with a software-centric solution. The array of features in a logistics system can refine the entire logistics cycle right from its center. For owners, vendors, and the end customers, using an LSM model opens up improved collaboration, which is the essence of effective logistics management.

Here are some of the top tech trends that will influence logistics and supply chain in 2021. Logistics Management Software simplifies logistics operations by refining the production cycle and making it easier to access important information quickly. A logistics management software helps businesses manage the various processes that go into the production cycle from the delivery of raw materials to shipping the finished products to the consumers.

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You can see these changes virtually in all fields, and even in government sectors, but these advances can be especially useful in retail and e-commerce. Such systems save your precious time searching for suppliers and tenders based on set parameters. Rexsoft is a USA-based company that operates with adherence to legislation of the United States.

When you work with good developers they can easily integrate the various systems used by different stakeholders into one system. This is as opposed to using a system with its own systems that your team has to adapt to. There is a difference between transparency and visibility in the supply chain.

They delivered consistently on time, within budget, and were responsive whenever the client needed help with solving an issue. The client appreciated their ability to bring ideas, thoughts, and solutions to the table. With logistics pushed to the forefront of business operations, leveraging the right technology can make your business compatible with the changing environment. Inbound logistics is a linear flow of raw materials from suppliers into a warehouse and then a production unit.

Logistics Software Development Projects

Our team created multiple supply chain and tendering management solutions for European logistics companies. Rexsoft developers possess strong hard skills to build top-notch logistics software for you. They never stop sharpening their skills and acquiring new experiences. Our broad staff of expertise developers allows us to take leading positions in the development market. We train your employees to master the new technology letting them focus on their core tasks.

Here are some basic categories of technology your software can use and options for each. The developer comes up with a plan for how the final product can look and shows it to you for approval. Tell your developer about your needs and what problems you wish the software to solve. You can also specify your current systems you want to be integrated with the new software. An off-the-shelf solution will be faster to deploy and will probably cost less money upfront.

  • It allows to significantly cut down the costs of lost products, missing deliveries, locate a shipment at any stage of transport, and reroute a misdirected shipment.
  • Once confident, hire a dedicated team from us and start the project.
  • Adopting a cloud-based supply chain solution offers benefits in the form of flexibility, robustness, and affordability.
  • Logistics firms play an important part in the commercial sector.
  • It may be expensive to have software developed, but the ROI is worth the initial cost.

Many logistics businesses are willing to adopt logistical procedures and execute them through software. The custom software application can help them prosper and make significant profits. All of your operations can be carried out considerably more conveniently with software. Technology has swayed over most of the businesses and logistics isn’t exceptional as it is most often common and focal to every business. To enhance the accuracy and efficiency of their processes, logistics businesses are continually using the latest technology.

In the present, ASP.NET is arguably the most widely used framework for custom software development on the web. Companies are currently looking for the most talented developers available. When deciding on logistics management software, there are several essential factors to consider. Firstly, it should contain a basic set of functions that can aid in simple logistical management operations.

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Couple that with the intuitive mobile apps, a dispatch dashboard, and driver tracking, and you have a great tool. Logistics deals with the management or flow of products from the point of production/manufacture to the consumer. There are many elements involved in logistics including planning, purchase inventory, sales, marketing, finance, HR, etc. The goal of good logistics software is to integrate these functions so that they are functioning well together.

Rexsoft is an international outsourcing company with more than 9 years of bespoke software development and solution building. Dedicated teams of Rexsoft developers are focused on building software that will optimize the external and internal processes of your enterprise. Rexsoft transportation software development company has been delivering software solutions for companies all around the world. A US-based office lets us cooperate under the US law regulations while the Ukrainian developers’ team allows us to optimize expenses without compromising the quality of software.

Transparency refers to the openness to share any relevant information. Visibility refers to the ability of stakeholders to see the movement of the products throughout the chain. Many organizations that do not use integrated logistics platforms have their departments running their individual systems. The IT department is responsible for maintaining all the systems, which can be very tedious.


The software you’re creating is an essential factor of your business. Therefore, choosing the right custom software development company to complete this task for you is important. The process of choosing a business partner can be difficult,….

However, you should be prepared to have a tool that may not have all the functions you desire and may contain other features that are useless to you. It is easy for the system to accommodate more customers and bigger orders once it is set up compared to if it was a manual system. Past data can be used to forecast future trends such as order density in specific seasons, and even increase demand long term. It’s crucial that the customer gets the amount of product they ordered. One can also think about merging with an e-commerce shipping product. For an instance, they can offer interfaces that allow you to automate and manage your shipping activities.

Caused by unforeseen constraints, just-in-time inventory may not always be viable in logistics. As a result, real-time inventory management is the ideal option. Real-time inventory analysis shows which items are in great supply and when they are in great supply. This in-depth analysis aids in correct stocking and advertising campaign development. Undoubtedly, React Native is preferred by most developers for cross-platform application development, as it enables the developers to create software for both Android and iOS.

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Opt for logistics software requires considering all the criteria mentioned above. For a business, it involves addressing their needs and then choosing one that wraps around their existing processes. By integrating an LMS into their operations, companies could reduce their turnaround times and streamline the overall cycle of planning and delivery while keeping up with the customers’ requirements. Our bespoke app development is a convenient and simple approach to create additional functionality or build entirely tailored logistics apps from the bottom up. Our project managers and designers have extensive expertise in creating modern apps for highly regulated and demanding industries. You can track the supplier recruitment details and spend, from a customized app.

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This is opposed to when everything is connected to one system, and the IT department ensures that this single system is working optimally. A warehouse management system can record the inventory in the warehouse and how it moves in and out of the said warehouse. The transportation and storage process should not compromise the quality Logistics Software Development of the product that gets to the customer. We have developed mobile application for our startup client to track truckers driving hours to prevent violations of work and rest regulations. Their long collaboration makes their partnership perfect and the team always has the ability to adapt to the business needs of the client.

Logistics Management Software

For our clients from eCommerce industry we built custom order management solutions, and automatic delivery price calculation. The website met expectations, and the partner is happy with the deliverables. The RexSoft team produces excellent work and provides great customer service.

We develop Order Management Systems that automate the coordination of entire order execution from order collection, inventory, delivery visibility to product availability. This transportation app development is proved to be perfect for vehicle tracking, route calculating, and order management. Rexsoft offshore software development company is able to develop the best solutions for streamlining the transportation and logistics processes of your company. Top developers with years of expertise stick to your business needs and develop an ultimate-qualitytransport and logistics appswith regard to your requirements and strict adherence to deadlines. Supply-chain-management software development is a step towards automation of all logistics management activities.

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